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What Our Customers Say…..

Logo-PIA“I have been involved in the pumping industry for 36-years and specialising in fire protection pumpsets for most of that period.
Over that time I have concentrated on providing service and quality to my clients so it is second nature that I deal with suppliers who share a similar focus with their business.
I also prefer to deal with suppliers who have a trade background and inside knowledge of the products that they supply and service. You can usually sense if the person you are talking to for the first time is a “Salesman” or a “Supplier” so in my opinion the team at Power Industries fall into the “Supplier” category. We don’t live in a perfect world so when things go wrong it is important to get a quick resolution and keep our clients’ fire cover up and running. Power Industries always meet this challenge and have proven to be one of my best business partners when it comes to meeting my expectation.”

Graham Caswell
Managing Director, SureFire Pumps Pty Ltd